Call To Arms: We Are Asking Harps Fans To Help Us Bring It Home This Friday

We are asking you, our most loyal fans, to help make one final push to maximise the draw and make it a huge success in helping to bring this magnificent stadium to fruition.

We need you to buy tickets if you haven’t already.  We also vitally need you to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to buy, and to spread the good word of our cause and what is so close to being delivered for the club and for the whole of Donegal.  €20,000 in cash is an amazing prize and tends to be quite an easy sell, but getting the message out is crucial.

Over the next week please consider:

  1. Constantly sharing Harps social media posts about the draw
  2. Sending messages on email/SMS/WhatsApp/Snapchat to your contacts who might be interested.
  3. Make sure any physical tickets you have are sold and returned to Finn Park ahead of the game on Friday.

When messaging or emailing regarding the draw please ensure to include the YouTube link to the video and the link to buy tickets at

Sample WhatsApp or email Message below, personalise or edit as desired.  WhatsApp “Broadcast Messages” are great for this and allow sending to multiple contacts without having to create a Group Chat.

“Finn Harps FC stadium project is moving closer to becoming a reality.  Check out this video to see what it could be like:

The club’s ANNUAL DRAW to support this exciting project takes place next Friday night with an incredible top prize of €20,000 in cash.  This stadium will make a massive contribution to the club, to football in the region and to the whole community.  Entry is just €20 or €50 for 3, so please make sure your name is in the drum and help make this magnificent stadium a reality!

Enter now via

Every little helps, so anything you can do so raise awareness and bring in that little extra will be hugely appreciated.