Finn Harps World Cup 2022 Prediction Competition

If, like many football folk, you are struggling to get excited about the sham that is apparently to pass for a World Cup this year, then perhaps the return of the Finn Harps World Cup predictions competition may cheer you up a little.

And while we are mindful of all of the horrible things which this macabre version of the tournament represents, we have had several queries from regular players of our long running competition, and having been running it in some shape or form since the innocent days of France ’98, we have decided to put this out there for anyone who may retain some level of interest in Qatar ’22.

If you have never played before, the rules are simple.  Predict the result of all group stage games and the subsequent group standings, as well as the teams to qualify for each knockout stage, as well as picking the overall winner.  Points are awarded for each correct prediction as set out below. Our Euro2020 competition winner scooped a whopping €940. If you’re not in, you can’t win!


3 Point for correctly predicting match outcome (i.e. win or draw).

5 Bonus Points for correctly predicting match result (i.e. correct scoreline)

20 Points for each correct Group Winner

15 Points for each correct Group Runner-Up

10 Points for each correct Group 3rd Place Team

5 Points for each correct Group 4th Place Team


15 Points for each team involved in Second Round (round of 16)

20 Points for each team involved in Quarter Finals

25 Points for each team involved in Semi-Finals

35 Points for each team involved in Final

25 Points for winner of 3rd place playoff

50 Points for correctly predicting World Champions

Entry is just €10, which includes regular sarcastic leader board update emails.  50% of the entry fee goes to the club with the other half to the prize pot which will be split as below rounded to the nearest €5:

1st Prize – 60% of the Prize Fund

2nd Prize – 20% of the Prize Fund

3rd Prize – 10% of the Prize Fund

Group Stage Leader – 10% of the Prize Fund

To enter, purchase your entry HERE and the entry sheet will be issued to your email.  Fill out the sheet in Excel and save it, before emailing back to [email protected].