Upcoming MatchFinn Harps FC v Shelbourne FC/30/09/2022/Finn Park
Upcoming MatchFinn Harps FC v Shelbourne FC/30/09/2022/Finn Park

Euro 2020 fever is here with Finn Harps Prediction Competition!

You’ve probably been wondering why the Euro 2020 (or 2021) build up has felt a little hollow so far haven’t you?

Well the answer is that there has (until now) been no sign of the fantastic Finn Harps prediction competition!  So here we are and the boys at UEFA can relax, Euros fever can officially kick off!

Yes, we are running a little late with the regular Euros sidebar, (which as ever is also an important fundraiser for Finn Harps FC) but you weren’t going to enter until the last minute anyway so its grand…..

The long running competition returns and it’s the usual format (see full rules below), as regular players you will be familiar with the added excitement the competition brings to the tournament, with every single game of the tournament mattering on your quest for glory.   With an entry fee of only €10 of which 50% will go to the prize fund with the other 50% to Finn Harps FC, so the more entries the more cash in the pot (e.g. 200 entries will mean a prize fund of €1,000).

Three years ago, Max McGonagle netted himself €910 for coming out on top during the 2018 World Cup. Five years ago the Euro 2016 Predictions Champ was Paul McHugh who picked up €715 for his trouble, while runners up were the collaboration of Aisling and Cathal Cannon who shared €210 with the third prize of €100 going to Sean McHugh.  Meanwhile at World Cup 2014 Tony Brogan was the champion picking up €735.

But who will be the Angela Merkel of this year’s competition?  As usual we will have regular score updates and (not so serious) commentary on the competition so far.

Enter HERE.

Send your completed entry form to finnharpscomp@gmail.com


  1. Entry fee is €10. Only fully paid up entries will be entered into the competition. Entries via the club shop require an additional 50c charge to cover transaction fees.
  2. The deadline for entries is 9.00pm on Thursday June 10th. Postal entries will also be accepted IF posted NO LATER THAN 8th June.
  3. Carefully complete the application form, correctly predicting all group stage results and completing the knockout stages.
  4. Please ensure your group results lead to your correct winners and runners-up of each group as your group results will be used to determine your group winners and runners-up.
  5. The scoring system (as outlined below) will be used to determine your progress and produce a final leaderboard.
  6. Points are not awarded for RESULT of individual matches in the knock-out stages, although you must predict the results on your entry form so as to fully complete your predictions. PLEASE NOTE, you must NOT PREDICT DRAW for any game after the group stages.
  7. In the event of an overall draw for any prize, the competition winner will be decided in the following order:
  8. a) Closest to the tie-break answer
  9. b) Should this still not yield a winner, the prize money will be shared
  10. c) In the event of two people are tied for first place after the tie-break question, they will share the prize money for 1st and 2nd. In the event of two people tied for second place after the tie-break question, they will share the prize money for 2nd and 3rd.





1st Prize – 70% of the Prize Fund

2nd Prize – 20% of the Prize Fund

3rd Prize – 10% of the Prize Fund

Therefore, it there are 200 entries, €1000 will go to Finn Harps FC and €1000 will go into the Prize Fund. 1st Prize would be €700, 2nd Prize would be €200, 3rd Prize would be €100. The more entries there are, the bigger the prize fund.





3 Point for correctly predicting match outcome (i.e. win or draw).

5 Bonus Points for correctly predicting match result (i.e. correct scoreline)

20 Points for each correct Group Winner

15 Points for each correct Group Runner-Up

10 Points for each correct Group 3rd Place Team

5 Points for each correct Group 4th Place Team


15 Points for each team involved in Second Round (round of 16)


20 Points for each team involved in Quarter Finals


25 Points for each team involved in Semi-Finals


35 Points for each team involved in Final

25 Points for winner of playoff


50 Points for correctly predicting European Champions


If two or more people are level on points after the above scoring, the tie-break question will be used to decide who is higher placed. The person who is closest to the number of total goals scored in the entire tournament, will finish higher in the event of a tie. Should two or more people still remain tied, the prize will be shared. The answer to the tie-break question will be based on your score predictions for each match