Match Ball Sponsor Focus – Conkers Restaurant

Denise McMenamin is a valued member of the friendly crew who make tonight’s ball sponsors Conkers Restaurant such a popular place to visit.  Denise was happy to share her football passions with Finn Harps media but on the secret recipe for Conkers homemade chicken goujons her lips remain sealed!

1) Did you grow up in a football loving family and which teams did everyone support?

Growing up in our house, football was on the TV all the time. Celtic was always the number 1 in our house, after Harps of course.

2) We believe Conkers have hosted the Harps squad for their pre-season match meals. Have they been nice customers!?

We enjoy having the boys in Conkers. They are always friendly and clean their plates. The boys love the craic and Dave is definitely the ringleader!

3) What do you enjoy about match nights at Finn Park?

The atmosphere when we score goals, especially against Derry!

Denise McMenamin

4) Your three favourite players in World football?

Seamus Coleman, Scott Brown and Kieran Tierney.

5) Your hopes for the forthcoming season?

To see good attacking football, winning home games and finishing as high up the table as possible (and maybe a cup run for luck!).

6) Which football matches stand out in your memory and why?

When BJ Banda scored the winning goal against Limerick to seal promotion. I don’t remember a bigger crowd and we didn’t leave Finn Park until midnight.

7) You work in a restaurant renowned for its tasty food. What’s your own favourite dish?

Conkers Homemade Chicken Goujons. They are amazing, everyone should try them but the secret is staying in the kitchen!

8) Do you think Ireland will progress under Stephen Kenny?

Stephen Kenny is a good manager and works well with his squad. However, I think if the government invested in the League Of Ireland clubs, we would have a much stronger international team.

9) Why do you think it’s important Donegal and the North-West get behind the Harps?

It is always important to support your local team. We need to keep coming to Finn Park and keep the LOI in the North-West.  #PackThePark.