Finn Harps 500 Club 2022 – Terms and Conditions


The 500 Club will operate as a series of 52 individual draws throughout the calendar year with first
prize of €300 per draw, as well as two runners up prizes. Nominal draw date will be the
Wednesday of each week, although draws may be grouped and actual draw dates may vary. At least
4 draws will take place per calendar month.



The following payment options shall be made available:

1. Standing Order

  • €6 per week
  • €25 per month

2. Online Payment via ClubForce website and Mobile Application (Credit/Debit Card)

  • €25 per month
  • €300 annual fee

3. Cash: cash payments may be taken at discretion of the organisers and only in increments of
€25 to pay for an agreed number of months or €300 for an annual payment.

All payments must be received by the deadlines below to cover entry in the applicable number of

Weekly Payments: Payments received before the Friday preceding the Nominal Draw Date will be
entered into that draw. E.g. Payment made on Friday covers entry to the draw nominated for the
following Wednesday (note actual draw may take place later in same calendar month).

Monthly Payments: Payments received in a calendar month will result in entry into all draws (either
4 or 5) in the next calendar month. E.g. payment of €25 received in June will cover entry into all
draws held (on each Wednesday) in July.

Annual Payments: Annual payments received will cover entry into all draws for the 12 months
commencing in the month after payment received. E.g. payment of €300 received in June will cover
entry into 52 draws from July to the following June inclusive.



The starting prize fund will be €400 for each weekly draw split as follows: Winner €300, 2 x Runners
up €50 each.

This prize fund will be increased to €500 when entries reach a figure of 200 members. Prize
breakdown will be: Winner 300, 2 x Runners up €100 each.



All members will be allocated a unique Draw Number which will be used in all draws. Draws will be
make regularly and where possible will be done live or recorded and published on club social media.
No personal data will be shared. Names (Surname and Initial) and draw numbers active each month,
and weekly winners names will be published to ensure transparency. The current number of
members will be published along with the results of the draws.