Finn Harps Cooperative Society: Notice of SGM

End view of new stadium

NOTE: This meeting has now been changed to be a public one.  Motions on membership etc can be dealt with at the upcoming AGM.

An SGM of Finn Harps Cooperative society will take place on Sunday 28th April at 7pm in the Villa Rose Hotel.  Shareholders will be updated on the new stadium project and votes taken on motions to facilitate a move to an annual membership fee.

The proposed new ownership model which will be presented which involves closing of the existing shareholder category and introducing a new share class.

The current share category of a single payment for a share in perpetuity will be replaced by a new share class which is in the form of an annual membership.  For these new members the first 12 months of payments are considered their share purchase, and following this they are shareholders.  Holders of the original share class will remain part owners however they will no longer have voting rights or attend general meetings unless they join the annual membership.

It is proposed to keep membership as accessible as possible, with membership fees of moderate cost, with discounts for seniors/students as well as a low-cost monthly payment option.

Finally, where supporters participate in both Club Membership and the 500 Club, a combined, discounted rate will be available.

The proposed pricing structure is as follows:

All shareholders are entitled to attend once their share has been paid in full.  Some supporters are paying for shares in installments but please be aware that only when payments are complete are you eligible to attend general meetings of the club.

Those wishing to attend remotely should contact [email protected].  Please note it is not always possible for virtual attendees to hear all proceedings.